Treweren Consultants was formed in 1998 by Keith and Cathy Davies shortly after they sold their controlling shareholding in Chemical Design to Oxford Molecular (later part of Accelrys). Keith was also an Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University.

Keith founded Chemical Design in 1983, gained the Queens Award for Export in 1988, and took the company public in 1996. In his role as Technical Director, his primary contribution was the strategic direction of Chem-X, including the innovative development and application of 3D database and pharmacophore technology. Cathy joined Chemical Design in 1984 and worked on Chem-X from its earliest days, both in customer support and in programming. She was responsible for implementing much of the pharmacophore technology, especially in receptor screening.

The Oxford University CAN-DDO and Find-a-Drug were the largest computational chemistry distributed computing projects using nearly 2 million PCs to perform virtual screening on some 3.5 Billion molecules against approximately 300 protein targets making Treweren Consultant's THINK software the most widely used. Perhaps the most exciting outcome of this project was the development of technology which could predict true positive active molecules with 84% accuracy (ie only 16% false positives - a complete reversal of the industry average of over 90% false positives). More information can be found here.

Treweren Consultants aims to work with a small number of companies who are interested in collaborative development of pharmacophore tools and virtual screening in its innovative THINK software.

Chemical Design Pioneered the use of Raster Graphics in the 1980s