Release Notes v2.01a

THINK v2.01a
Cavity Maps
3D Coordinate Generator
Other Changes
Inter and Intra contact colouring
Additional secondary structure colouring options
Bug fix for File Explorer
Release Notes v2.00a

THINK v2.00a
De Novo for FBDD
Enumeration for FBDD
Enhancements to Pharmacophore and 3D Searching
Other Changes
Text Fields
Long Symbols
Duplicate Atoms in PDB files
2D Draw enhancements
Lipophilic centres
Reject and Learn default file names
Error Messages from Scripts
KNIME Node Speed
KNIME Restart
KNIME jar files
SERVER v2.00
Release Notes v1.42c

THINK v1.42c
De Novo
Enhancements to Display
Atom selection
Bridged rings
Other Changes
2D Edit
Lipophilic centres
SERVER v1.42
Release Notes v1.41d

THINK v1.41d
3D De Novo
Enhancements to Display
Map on/off
Scroll Bar
Mouse Sensitivity
Other Changes
Residue Connectivity
CSV output
Implicit Hydrogens
SERVER v1.41
Release Notes v1.40h

THINK v1.40h
Site Searches
Centre Positions
Other Changes
List Distances
SD files without hydrogens
Calculating Bond Orders
Pharmacophore volume and area
KNIME related changes
Bug fixes
SERVER v1.40
Release Notes v1.32g

THINK v1.32g
Dialog help text
Activity Dialog
Pharmacophore Profiles
Profile Comparisons
Saving Pharmacophore Coordinates
Activity Profiles
Pharmacophore Profiling Performance
Ligand Query Dialog
Site Searches
Scoring functions
Side-Chain motion
Multiple Volume Map Search Constraints
Conformational Generation
Other Changes
List Charges
Map Best Plane Projection
Script Progress Reports
Bug fixes
SERVER v1.32
Release Notes v1.31

THINK v1.31
Map Display
Active Volume Search Constraints
Minor Graphics Enhancements
SERVER v1.31
Release Notes v1.30

THINK v1.30
Molecular Mechanics
Reading PDB files
Protein Sites
Pharmacophore Population Profiles
Minor Search Enhancements
Minor Graphics Enhancements
Bug fixes
Server v1.30
Multiple copies